Article 13: Bananarama


Banana Hand

  • The type of banana sold commercially worldwide is called a Cavendish banana. The preferred variety was originally the Gros Michel, which essentially became extinct by 1960, due to a fungus called Panama disease, and which now threatens the Cavendish. Although there are 1,000 varieties of banana plants, most or unpalatable or inedible, meaning there is no substitute should the Cavendish be wiped out. The most palatable banana variety behind the Cavendish is the Goldfinger. The problem is, it tastes more like an apple than a banana.
  • Over 100 million bananas are consumed worldwide every year, making bananas the fourth largest agricultural product in the world. Americans eat more bananas every year than any other fruit. As a matter of fact, we eat more bananas a year than we do apples and oranges combined.
  • Bananas don’t go on trees. Those plants are classified as a treelike perennial herb, and a banana is actually a berry.
  • Bananas contain no fat, sodium, or cholesterol, are low in calories, and are an excellent source of potassium, fiber, and Vitamin B6, C, and more! They replenish necessary carbohydrates, glycogen and body fluids burned during exercise.
  • The expression “Banana republic” was coined for states run by large banana companies, who would support and protect any dictator who would in turn protect their corporate interests,
  • A cluster of bananas is a “hand,” and each individual fruit is a “finger.”
  • Bananas were officially introduced to the American public at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition. Each banana was wrapped in foil and sold for 10 cents.
  • The scientific name for banana is musa sapientum, which means “fruit of the wise men.”
  • Bananas float in water, one of only three fruits that do (the other two are the apple and the watermelon).
  • The Banana Club Museum, located on Highway 111 in Mecca, Calif. (just south of Palm Springs), houses the world’s largest collection devoted to any one fruit. It contains more than 17,000 banana items, most of which have been donated by members. (To join the club, visit
  • Thanks to its oil, rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a mosquito bite (or other bug bite) or on poison ivy will help keep it from itching and getting inflamed.
  • If you rub the inside of a banana peel on a scrape or burn, it will help the pain go away, keep the swelling down, and keep the wound from getting infected.
  • If you rub the inside of a small piece of banana peel on a wart every night (or tape a piece of peel over the wart), the potassium in the peel can make the wart disappear in one to two weeks.
  • If you tape a banana peel over a splinter, the enzymes help the splinter work its way out of your skin (and also heal the wound).
  • To whiten teeth naturally, rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth for about two minutes every night.
  • Rubbing a banana peel on your forehead can help cure a headache.
  • Bananas and banana peels make great fertilizer (you can compost them, bury them whole, or cut them in small pieces and mix them with garden soil) because of their phosphorous and potassium content. Roses especially like them.
  • Rubbing the inside of a banana peel on houseplant leaves makes the leaves shiny.
  • You can use the inside of a banana peel to clean and polish leather shoes.
  • Banana peels also make a good silver polish—just rub silver with the inside of a peel and then buff with a cloth.

 And then there is Chiquita Banana…


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Meeting Reflection 3

October 29th at 2:00pm east Walker room 103


  • In regards to the word project 2: Another Fallen Empire, shows a good use of multimedia with the video. Project is at an 85/100. Fix the final references and maybe formatting. to get the last 15 points.
  • With the reference list, not every first letter of every word needs to be capitalized, more lowercase words.
  • Music files are to big so they need more storage, there is no way to add just a music file without having to pay for an upgrade. Just stick with imbedding YouTube videos in the post or using the widget music player which will show up either on sides or footer depending on your theme. Mine is on the side.
  • I did not do the reading and noticing number 6 so bonus points will have to make it up. (6 points).
  • As for final references if a source requires you to go to a different webpage then it needs a separate reference.
  • Don’t need Reference List only References.
  • Good feedback on Raeanna’s Rose Emporium third word project. 15/15 for peer review 2 part 1.
  • Crossword and word search are very creative and will earn full points.
  • Audience for third word project is older high school/college kids. Might find an article like this on food network website. So far 75 points. It speaks directly to the reader almost as if it was a conversation. Easy to read.
  • Add captions to pictures so that they link with their corresponding reference.
  • Bonus blog: What Causes Attraction earned 44 bonus points.
  • Class grade is around a high B heading towards an A.
  • Show pre writing for word project 4 and receive bonus points
  • Final will be easy, lowest grade you can get is 50 for showing up and putting your name on the paper. Like reading and noticing.

I will use this feedback for the rest of the semester. While it pertained to past work it also will be applicable to future work. I will go back into my references for the past three word projects and my articles to change the capitalization of every. Only the first word needs to be capitalized. I will insert captions to link my pictures with their references so it will be easier for my readers and professor to know which picture belongs to which reference. I have made major improvements in my references and I know I won’t forget it, after doing it so many times it becomes natural. There are no more reading and noticing so some of the bonus points I have accumulated will have to go to cover that. I will start working on the word project 1 so that I can cross it off the list.

Overall I think the meeting was successful. I appreciate Marlen letting me Skype so that my grade wouldn’t be affected and while there were a few instances of frozen time everything went smoothly. I appreciate Raeanna and Marlen being understanding and willing to work with me. That was the first time I ever used Skype, I even had to set up an account. I think it was a more productive meeting than the second one because time wasn’t an issue this meeting. There wasn’t a tremendous amount of work to go over and we both knew what we wanted from the meeting. I will most definitely have some feedback for Raeanna for her first word project by  Nov. 5th (Tuesday’s class). I feel more assured of my standing in the class because of bonus points to make up for lost points, receiving 100% on the peer review. I know where my word projects stand and it is just a matter of using the feedback I received in my meeting.



Article 12: Eggsactly


It has been 35 years since the American Egg Board launched its “Incredible, edible egg!” campaign, and both it and the egg are still going strong.  So, here are some incredible egg facts and figures:

  • There are approximately 280 million laying birds in the United States, producing 300 million eggs each year, producing roughly 75 billion eggs a year.  That equals 10% of the world’s egg supply. 
  • Each of the roughly 280 million laying birds in the U.S. produces from 250 to 300 eggs a year.
  • China leads the world in egg-production, with approximately 390 billion eggs a year, for about half the world’s egg production.
  • Egg size and grade are independent of each other.  Size is determined by weight-per-dozen, and grade is determined by quality of the shell, yoke, white, and air-sac size.
  • Size makes no difference when you scramble or fry your eggs for breakfast, but recipes for baked goods and custards are based on using large eggs.
  • While eggs can be scrambled and poached in a microwave, they cannot be microwaved in their shells.  The rapid build-up of steam will cause the egg to explode.
  • One egg supplies 12.6% of the Daily Reference Value (DRV) of Protein, a little over half of the protein is in the white and the rest is in the yolk. The egg’s protein is the highest quality protein of any food.
  • One egg of any size equals one ounce of lean meat, poultry, fish or seafood.   Not only that, but egg yolks are an incredible source of choline, a vital nutrient for pregnant women. A Large egg yolk contains 125 mg of choline and provides 23% of a pregnant woman’s daily needs. 
  • There is no difference in taste between regular white-shell eggs and brown-shell eggs.  Shell color is determined by the color of the hen.
  • Most eggs are laid between 7am – 11 am.

Here’s to the incredible edible egg!


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Another Fallen Empire

Pre-Paragraph: My goals for this writing project are very simple; First I want to complete the assignment, Second  I want to get the best possible grade I can, and third I want to write a non-narrative. I plan to achieve my first goal of wanting to complete the assignment by writing the required amount of words, which is at least 900 words. I need to include all that is required under APA formatting, which includes a reference list and a running header. For my second goal, getting the best possible grade I can, I know that just completing the work is a C. I need to make sure my sources are cited correctly and have a hanging indentation for every additional line after the first. I need to have at least two in-text citations. My margins need to be one inch all around, along with a header. To get the extra twenty five points, I need to make my project visually appealing. As for my third goal, which is writing a non-narrative, it’s pretty simple, don’t write a story. My project is written as an expository narrative. My intended audience is general. Those in the cooking field, fans of Paula Deen, anyone interested in the Paula Deen Debacle. I hope my project provides clarity on the Paula Deen situation.

Another Fallen Empire

     After months of wildfire publicity, the lawsuit that was instrumental in the virtual destruction of the Paula Deen empire was dismissed by the federal judge hearing the case.  A week before, the judge had dismissed the racial discrimination portion of the lawsuit.  Why?  Because the plaintiff, Lisa Jackson, is white, as is Miss Deen.  All that remained was the sexual harassment claims.  No court costs or attorney fees were awarded to either side.  It is unclear if any settlement was made.  The case was dismissed with prejudice, which means it cannot ever be resurrected.  It was not the lawsuit itself that was such a destructive force.  Most people never even knew of it.  It was a deposition that did it.  Specifically, it was Deen’s admission that in the distant pass, she used the word “nigger.”  The deposition, which was given in May, made headlines and the repercussions were severe.  The end of the lawsuit is probably not going to do much to restore Deen’s reputation or bring those corporate sponsors back.  It will not get her book contract reinstated.  Because the lawsuit is not what caused their loss.  The deposition, which became a matter of public record when it was filed with the court was found by a local newspaper, the Savannah Morning News, which then proceeded to published it (Deposition 25).

  Food Network yanked her show and refused to renew her contract.  Walmart ended their business relationship.  Smithfield terminated their partnership.  Novo Nordisk, which makes a diabetes drug, stopped using her as a spokeswoman.  QVC dropped her.  Her publisher canceled her contract for a new cookbook, despite the staggering amount of pre-orders.  Target dropped her.  Caesars Entertainment decided not to renew her contract and four restaurants in different casinos were closed.  Whit-Ash Furnishings yanked a commercial in which she appeared.  And Home Depot dropped her.  Sear’s, Kmart, Walgreen’s and J.C. Penney’s joined the exodus.  All in all, Deen lost at least $7.5 million in endorsement deals, and at least another $5 million in television deals and the four restaurants.  Last year, Deen’s income was $17 million, making her the fourth-highest paid celebrity chef in the U.S.

  Deen has been a lightning rod for controversy before this.  She came under fire in early 2012 when she revealed that she suffers from diabetes.  Why?  Because she kept her diagnosis a secret while continuing to push her high-fat-high-calorie signature foods.  Paula is all about butter and deep-frying.  Critics called her a hypocrite and worse.  Even before the deposition debacle, fellow celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain said of her to TV Guide, “[Deen is the] worst, most dangerous person to America. Someone who revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and [is] proud of the fact that her food is f—ing bad for you” (Bourdain, 2013, p. 1).

Despite everything, Deen maintains a strong, large, and vocal fan base.  Business at her family-run restaurants remains strong and loyal.  In many ways, though, it just isn’t about her food anymore.  If you believe that her past use of racial slurs makes her a racist, does that mean that using her cookware or eating in her restaurants makes you a racist, too?   Will making her deep-fried lasagna now be a hate crime?

I like Paula Deen. She comes across as a warm, friendly woman.  I’ve watched her show in the past.  I would probably watch it again.  I don’t know if she is a racist.  I know I am not.  I know that some of her best known offerings are just not my cup of tea.  Deep-fried lasagna.  Stuffing on a stick.  Fried butter balls.  A little too much for me, despite my deep, abiding love for all things butter.  On the other hand, some of her casserole dishes are both easy to make and very tasty.  Deen is not fine-dining.  A quick perusal of many of her top 100 recipes use canned vegetables and soups.  Her Twinkie pie calls a box of Twinkies.  By the way, those top 100 recipes can be found on

Will Deen be able to put it all behind her?  It remains to be seen.  Not all her corporate sponsors and partners have deserted her.  She has hired new publicists.  Just last month, she appeared on MasterChef.  As I mentioned above, Food Network still has her bio and recipes on its website.  There have been other celebrity chef scandals.  The Frugal Gourmet, Jeff Smith, was sued in 1997, by seven men who claimed he sexually abused them when they were teenagers.  (Smith settled out of court.)  Mario Batali and his partner were sued by their employees, who accused them of pocketing their tips, among other things.  Rumors of infidelity have swirled around Bobby Flay for years.  Flay is married to actress Stephanie March.  And Guy Fieri has been accused of homophobia, and his Times Square restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar was destroyed by a devastating review by New York Times critic, Peter Wells.  With the exception of Smith, who died in 2004, all these scandal-touched chefs are going strong today.

Overcoming racial charges, however, is much more difficult.  Her supporters and detractors for the most part react on much more personal levels, none of which have anything to do with her abilities as a chef.  Such deep personal divides may well always make her “damaged goods” in the corporate eyes, leaving her unable to ever fully rebound businesswise.  One is left to wonder if it might have been better for all had she simply settled the suit in the beginning, when all she would have lost was the $1.2.


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Another Fallen empire

Post Paragraph: I believe I have accomplished my goals. My first goal was to complete the assignment, which I have. It is 931 words long, excluding the reference list, title, and header. I have a header and reference list that is required under APA formatting. As for getting the highest grade possible I have double check my reference to make sure it was in the proper format. Although it does not show on my blog page I do have hanging indentions for my sources and my margins are one inch all around. I have inserted the word document file. For the extra twenty five points I have included a video, Paula Deen’s interview on The Today Show for visual stimulation. And I have broken up the text into paragraphs for clarity and so it will be easier to read for my audience. For my third goal, I did not write a narrative. I wrote an expository narrative, which I discussed with Professor Harrison in my October 8th meeting as accomplished. I didn’t find writing a non-narrative to be all that challenging, but when discussed with classmates and Professor Harrison, I realized there were some narrative like qualities in my project which were later address in a meeting and declared as an expository narrative which was perfectly acceptable. I had a lot of difficulties in regards to my header, it took me quite a few try’s to get a running header. I had to look up how to cite website articles in APA and I used the website to help.

Article 11: Food for Beauty


Commercial beauty products are expensive and can contain harsh chemicals and dyes.  Why spend your money on those when you can make your own?  Following are the best and easiest recipes I have found for making your own scrubs, moisturizers, and balms, using foods from your own refrigerators and cabinets!


Avocado Moisturizing Face Mask for Dry Skin:

½ avocado

¼ cup honey

Mash ingredients together to make a smooth paste.  Apply to face for five minutes.  Use tepid water and facecloth to remove. (Foster, 2005, P. 45)


Strawberry Face Mask for Oily Skin

½ teaspoon lemon juice

1 egg white

1 teaspoon honey

½ cup strawberries

Blend all ingredients together.  Apply to face and leave on for 10 minutes.  Rinse off with cool water. (Foster, 2005, P. 39)


Rosewater and Yogurt Face Mask for Combination Skin:

1 Rose

1 tablespoon rosewater

1 tablespoon plain natural yogurt

1 tablespoon honey

Wash rose petals in water.  Soak for five minutes then crush them in a bowl.  Place yogurt and honey into a separate bowl.  Add rosewater to yogurt/honey mixture and mix well.  Apply to face for five minutes.  Rinse with tepid water. (Foster, 2005, P. 49)


Soothing Green Tea For Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

  • Steep two green tea bags, squeeze bags to release liquid
  • Place used bags in refrigerator and chill until cold
  • place cold bags over closed eyes for four to five minutes


Banana Sugar Body Scrub*

1 ripe banana

3 tablespoons granulated sugar

¼ teaspoon pure vanilla extract (optional)

Place all ingredients into a bowl and mash together until mixture is chunky-thick. 


Sweet Hand Treatment*

2 teaspoons sugar

1 tablespoon honey

Combine sugar and honey to make a paste.  Rub the paste over hands and nails to remove dead skin cells.  Rinse and moisturize. (Foster, 2005, P. 211)


Cheery Cherry Cheeks:

Cherry Jell-O powder

Warm water

Mix together until desired depth of color is achieved

Apply to apples of the cheeks

*Scrubs containing sugar should not be used on the face.


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Article 9: Trick or Treat?

As another Halloween approaches, hospitals around the country gear up to X-ray candies and other goodies collected by costumed children, and brought in by well-meaning frightened parents, intent on protecting their offspring from the predations of wicked adults, who poison candy and insert razor blades into apples. How much goodie tampering really happens on Halloween?  Take a look at some of the better-known stories and find out.halloween-candy-horror-stories_part 2


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