Letter 1

Dear Marlen,

In all honesty this class wasn’t at all what I expected. I didn’t think I would need to create a blog and honestly I didn’t really want to. I’m not very technological so it’s been a bumpy road. It has been said that practice makes perfect and that is the purpose of this course, to practice. The amount of work feels over abundant at times but it is a writing intensive class so it should be expected.

I do think the idea of writing in the same format that I would need for my major is a really good idea. Most students only know about MLA because it was what was taught in high school myself included. However I need to use APA formatting and it took a while to learn how to make a proper reference list and how to properly do in-text citations. I haven’t found Owl Purdue to be very clear in regards to citing so I have been using http://libguides.monroecc.edu/content.php?pid=210717&sid=1760065 and http://www.apastyle.org/ as my citing guides.

At the start of the course a lot of the reading and noticing seemed redundant and I found it to be boring but the topics have changed. Although I find it to a bit hard to meet the required length yet not required length of my notes. I was told that they weren’t long enough but there was no required length. I think I’ve gotten better about it. But to me it’s supposed to be my notes and I’ve never been graded on my notes before. I have always just highlighted the main ideas and now I feel the need to fluff it up a bit and I’ve started doing that by adding my thoughts and referring to in class discussions.

As for my overall grade, I don’t know it, but I would guess somewhere between mid C to low B. I’ve gotten a 100% on my peer review, a 75% on my first word project. I’ve gotten bonus points for writing in color, writing fun articles, and referring to in class discussions in my notes. I would like to know my overall grade for my reading and noticing assignments.

I know I have work to do on my word projects and after my Criminology test on Thursday I will refocus my attention on them. IAs for my goals I have achieved my first and second goals.  My first goal was to speak up in class and I have done that. I’ve been forced to because I get graded for my participation grade and I don’t want my overall grade to be hurt that hard. I’ve expanded my vocabulary due to my writing. Trying to find the right word for the right flow. as for my third goal I still have to work on it. I still have to manage my time better but don’t count me out yet. I want to have my first and second writing projects done by the end of October.

For me the most beneficial assignment was finding out the type of format writing I will need which is APA. I learned that I need a reference list not a works citied page, I learned I will need a cover page and an abstract. I also learned how to properly cite my sources.

If I took this course a second time, I wouldn’t have missed the first week of class and I would have set a schedule and actually stick to it. My advice to future students would be not to procrastinate and look at past students blogs for examples and as a guide when feeling stuck.

Because of this class I know I will be prepared for future writing because of the amount of writing assignments we get, So thank you.

Sincerely Meredith D.


One thought on “Letter 1

  1. Marlen says:

    12/15; thank you for your honesty! Remember, there are always ways to go the extra mile in everything you do, especially when you have the entire internet at your fingers 😉

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