1) Gain more confidence. I am a really shy person naturally and normally I’m too afraid to speak up in class. My heart immediately starts racing and my hands start to shake. I am afraid my answer will be wrong or my question is stupid. For example my first class Marlen ask a question along the lines of what is a sentence without being a sentence that invokes thought?, I mumbled a question and Alexa nudged my arm and said “say it”. I am hoping that if I can just speak up that’ll I’ll gain my confidence. I don’t think there is a quick fix for confidence but since active participation is a big part of the class that I will eventually be able to overcome the lack of confidence.

2) I want to expand my vocabulary. I hope to be able to achieve this by writing. Through the reading and noticing assignments I may stumble across a word I don’t know . Through my writing, I can use synonyms instead of using the same words over and over. also through proofreading I will be able to hear my work and pluck out what doesn’t flow or sound good and replace it with something that does make sense and sounds good.

3) I hope to learn how to better my time. I am a huge procrastinator and sometimes I do my best work under the wire but I always end up cursing myself for waiting till the last second. My work can be just as good and probably better if I gave myself time to work on it. I can achieve this because of all the work that’s assigned in the class


3 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Marlen says:

    Ok, these goals need to be MUCH MUCH MUCH more thorough. Explain to me not just the goal for this course but how you will go about achieving that goal and evaluating your achievement.

  2. danilonunez says:

    Hey! I definitely agree with you in those 3 goals. I don’t like to talk in front of people or in the middle of a class because I think that I will say something wrong, or I dont know… As you said, it might be just lack of confidence. I also always leave my homework for the end of the week and then you can see me hurried trying to do everything from one second to the other. Hope you are doing well with these goals and that you are more close to accomplish them if you haven’t done it yet.

    • I am forcing myself to speak in class. I can feel my pulse raising and I can hear my heart racing. My hands and voice start shaking. It’s especially worse with presentations. I am just a very private person, there is stuff about me that even the closest people to me don’t know. I also just don’t want to be wrong or make a fool of myself. I am still procrastinating, when you’re as bad as I am it’s hard not to see some kind of improvement. I now make a list of all the work I have to do for the week, educational or housework, and tape it to the nightstand so that I can see it and then I get to cross things of the list which makes me feel a little productive and I like scratching things off…. Thanks for your comment

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