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1) On Raeanna Knight’s Post 1 mhauryluckdraper says:

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 This is really a cool and innovated topic for your blog. I never thought about how cultures saw different colors. And after reading this post I do wonder how colors get associated to mean different moods, things, emotions too. I hope you explore the color fun fact of black sheets, it was a great why to keep readers coming back.

2) On Morgan Mathien’s Article 2: What to bring when you travel mhauryluckdraper says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

 You are right about spending money you didn’t intend to for something you already have at home but didn’t think to remember. I think an important thing when deciding what to pack is making a check off list which goes hand in hand with the thought of what to pack because people don’t have the memory of elephants. It might be something worth mentioning in a future article, post, etc.

3) On Raeanna Knight’s  Article 3: The color that attracts

mhauryluckdraper says:  September 23, 2013 at 11:31 pm

 In the first paragraph, maybe instead of using the phrase nice cars, use luxury cars. Also maybe write the color red in red. There is a typo after mentioning the baboons, you wrote buy instead of boy. Great job on your research.  

4) On Raeanna Knight’s Article 2: A Color to match your Personality.

 I think you may want to think about adding more color into your blog rather than write everything in black. Your article material is already interesting but there isn’t much of a visual pop. In the first paragraph, first sentence I would consider taking out the word “at” and “it” and leave it with “but a different shade can be…”. It seems to have a better flow. Great idea allowing your readers to find there favorite color and see if it matches their personality. It is an interactive way of engaging your readers.

5) On Morgan Mathien Article 6 Driving vs. Flying

mhauryluckdraper says: September 29, 2013 at 7:16 pm

I agree with you, saying that it is more frequent for a car accident to occur than a plane accident. A little over a week ago there was a motorcycle accident on colonial, needless to say motorcyclist did not make it. Just on Thursday, when I was driving to Tampa a semi truck started to veer into my lane and on the way back I passed three accidents on I4 and I was even rear-ended on the highway exit. It’s the carelessness of drivers who are texting or drowsy driving which is just as bad as drunk driving. A lot of people just roll on through stop signs when no one is around and its carelessness. You are right it is two easy to get a driver’s license.


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