Comments 11-15

11) On Melissa Meiselman: Beach Adventures: Article

mhauryluckdraper  October 21, 2013 

I feel like I should redeem myself after that horrible hotdog lion with no nose or mouth, and it’s okay to laugh. So I mentioned the awesome bird and drediel and yeah I know I used the word amazing, maybe a little cocky but here is a picture, the bird might be hard to see since it is dark blue and crap lighting in the room. All you have to do is double click on the link and it will pop up, same as the lion one.

12) On Raeanna Knight’s Photo Gallery

mhauryluckdraper 2013-10-21

These photo’s are great. This is a wonderful idea. Putting pictures on your blog that show off color. My two favorites are the giraffes and the orange syrup. They add to your blog, especially the visual appeal. I have an orange cat too, my mom named him Duck. I think he is having an identity crisis he is meowing a lot lately, I mean come on he is a cat named Duck.

13) On Santiago Saenz’s Comparison on Taste

mhauryluckdraper says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. December 1, 2013 at 4:49 am

You’re opening sentence should probably read “Chocolate! Who hasn’t tried chocolate before?” You also don’t need the comma after Hershey’s. You describe the With Chocolate: Cookies ‘n’ Cream perfectly! I agree with you about dark chocolate, to me it is too bitter. However the Hershey’s with Almond I love, I find that the almonds do in fact cut through the chocolate but they give a little oomph to the candy.

14) On Santiago Saenz’s About Page

mhauryluckdraper says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. December 1, 2013 at 4:56 am

I think you are right about acrobats being a special form of art. It is human art made by your body. As long as you are careful and still love practing acrobatics you should really stick to it because it is rare to find an everyday person who does it. I also like the vocabulary list you have created. It’s a innovative way to make your blog standout plus you are adding to your vocabulary.

15) On Michael Nassif’s Smell Workshop

mhauryluckdraper said: December 1, 2013 at 5:02 am

I didn’t even know there was a Egyptian Jasmine Flower. It’s a gorgeous flower. Excellent on the visual rhetoric. Easy to read. There are just a few grammar mistakes that need some attention, maybe in the point about the spring and winter try adding some clarification like ” It is made for both the spring and winter seasons”.


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