Book Reviews

bird by bird

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott  

Lamott’s  first piece of advice to writing is to not think about the enormous bulk of the unfinished novel, memoir, etc., waiting for you but to focus on the anecdote, description, and dialogue that you want to write in. Basically taking it one step at time, Bird by Bird. She reminds us that writing is about love not fame and fortune. Lamott does a great job at providing an non torturous writing instruction book for college freshman to read by incorporating her real life experiences and her real life emotions like jealousy and envy. The fact that she doesn’t hide these emotions adds to her credibility as a writer and teacher. The structure and formatting of the book provides the breezy and easy to read and not get overwhelmed quality of the book. All in all I recommend if you’re having trouble writing grab a copy and go.


writing a

Writing with Power by Peter Elbow

Elbow’s Writing with Power is a very imformative writing instruction manuel. In this book there is an ample amount of tools and methods to writing. One method that is discussed is the Dangerous Method: Do it right the first time which is just want it says, trying to write right on the first try. The Dangerous Method is just 1 of 8 methods of writing that is discussed. However, even with all the imformation, tools, and hints, the structuring of this book seems to overwhelm the reader. This book does one of two things, either turns the reader away from writing, or turns them into an excellent writer.


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