Lazy vs. Shitty first drafts

But when the cool black ink glides across the crisp white paper, she feels the words make their sounds. They spring from the darkness of her mind and settle into the breath between her favorite lines. ~ Unknown

Mary Gaitskill

Mary Gaitskill

Lazy first drafts: As the author Jody Hedlund once said many writers just rehash the same old story lines they have used before instead of digging deep to find the new and unpolished treasures that are sitting there waiting to be found. A lazy first daft has no thought behind it. It’s like writing bad on purpose. Dumbing down one’s vocabulary by using the same old tired adjectives and verbs. Or butchering sentence structure and grammar on purpose. It’s basically just hitting print and turning it in without any over look what so ever and saying Eh I have time. A lazy first draft is useless to the writing process.

Shitty first drafts: Anne Lamott once said that no great writing is down on the first try. The shitty first daft is a important part of the writing process because it allows the writer to get their thoughts down. The writer can them hear, see, and visual their ideas. There is always one idea in a shitty first draft that shines brighter than the rest; and idea that can be taken to the depths of the ocean with the patience and perseverance of the writer. The shitty first draft is the trunk of the tree, without there would be no branches, leaves, or apples.


Stack of Paper by Typewriter










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