Article 15: Food Myths

There are a lot of little facts we all know about various foods.  The things is, a lot of those “facts” aren’t really facts at all; they are myths.  Read on to learn what is and isn’t true about the foods we eat.

Carrot Growing

Carrot Growing

Carrots:  Carrots are more nutritious raw than cooked.

Myth:  Cooking breaks down the tough cellular wall of the carrot, releasing the beta-carotene they encase, thus making them more nutritious.





Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken

Chicken:  To reduce fat and calories, you should remove the skin before cooking.

Myth:  No matter how you cook chicken, removing the skin beforehand will get you dry chicken.  For a moist and tastier finished product, cook chicken with the skin on, and remove the skin before serving.




Egg with Yolk

Egg with Yolk

Eggs:  Eggs should be avoided because they are high in cholesterol.

Myth:  Studies proved that eggs do not contribute to high cholesterol.  Moreover, they are a cheap but excellent source of many essential vitamins and nutrients.





Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice:  Drinking cranberry juice will cure a urinary tract infection.

Myth:  If you already have a UTI, cranberry juice is not going to work; antibiotics are the only cure.  However, drinking cranberry juice regularly can stop infections from happening in the first place.






Need Milk? Probably not…

Milk:  You shouldn’t drink milk when you have a cold.

Myth:  According to medical experts, milk does not increase mucus production, so there is absolutely no reason to stop drinking it when you have a cold or the flu.




Set amount of calories in fruit

Set amount of calories in fruit

Calories:  Calories consumed at night are more fattening than those consumed in the daytime (or vise versa).

Myth: A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.  Doesn’t matter when you consume them.






Basket of Eggs

Basket of Eggs

Eggs:  Brown eggs are more healthful than white.

Myth:  Shell color is determined to the color of the chicken.  Brown shells or white, all eggs taste the same, have the same amount of calories and nutrients.






Potatoes:  Potatoes are carbs and should be avoided.

Myth:  Potatoes are a starchy food, but they contain an enormous amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.





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