Meeting Reflection 3

October 29th at 2:00pm east Walker room 103


  • In regards to the word project 2: Another Fallen Empire, shows a good use of multimedia with the video. Project is at an 85/100. Fix the final references and maybe formatting. to get the last 15 points.
  • With the reference list, not every first letter of every word needs to be capitalized, more lowercase words.
  • Music files are to big so they need more storage, there is no way to add just a music file without having to pay for an upgrade. Just stick with imbedding YouTube videos in the post or using the widget music player which will show up either on sides or footer depending on your theme. Mine is on the side.
  • I did not do the reading and noticing number 6 so bonus points will have to make it up. (6 points).
  • As for final references if a source requires you to go to a different webpage then it needs a separate reference.
  • Don’t need Reference List only References.
  • Good feedback on Raeanna’s Rose Emporium third word project. 15/15 for peer review 2 part 1.
  • Crossword and word search are very creative and will earn full points.
  • Audience for third word project is older high school/college kids. Might find an article like this on food network website. So far 75 points. It speaks directly to the reader almost as if it was a conversation. Easy to read.
  • Add captions to pictures so that they link with their corresponding reference.
  • Bonus blog: What Causes Attraction earned 44 bonus points.
  • Class grade is around a high B heading towards an A.
  • Show pre writing for word project 4 and receive bonus points
  • Final will be easy, lowest grade you can get is 50 for showing up and putting your name on the paper. Like reading and noticing.

I will use this feedback for the rest of the semester. While it pertained to past work it also will be applicable to future work. I will go back into my references for the past three word projects and my articles to change the capitalization of every. Only the first word needs to be capitalized. I will insert captions to link my pictures with their references so it will be easier for my readers and professor to know which picture belongs to which reference. I have made major improvements in my references and I know I won’t forget it, after doing it so many times it becomes natural. There are no more reading and noticing so some of the bonus points I have accumulated will have to go to cover that. I will start working on the word project 1 so that I can cross it off the list.

Overall I think the meeting was successful. I appreciate Marlen letting me Skype so that my grade wouldn’t be affected and while there were a few instances of frozen time everything went smoothly. I appreciate Raeanna and Marlen being understanding and willing to work with me. That was the first time I ever used Skype, I even had to set up an account. I think it was a more productive meeting than the second one because time wasn’t an issue this meeting. There wasn’t a tremendous amount of work to go over and we both knew what we wanted from the meeting. I will most definitely have some feedback for Raeanna for her first word project by  Nov. 5th (Tuesday’s class). I feel more assured of my standing in the class because of bonus points to make up for lost points, receiving 100% on the peer review. I know where my word projects stand and it is just a matter of using the feedback I received in my meeting.




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