Article 12: Eggsactly


It has been 35 years since the American Egg Board launched its “Incredible, edible egg!” campaign, and both it and the egg are still going strong.  So, here are some incredible egg facts and figures:

  • There are approximately 280 million laying birds in the United States, producing 300 million eggs each year, producing roughly 75 billion eggs a year.  That equals 10% of the world’s egg supply. 
  • Each of the roughly 280 million laying birds in the U.S. produces from 250 to 300 eggs a year.
  • China leads the world in egg-production, with approximately 390 billion eggs a year, for about half the world’s egg production.
  • Egg size and grade are independent of each other.  Size is determined by weight-per-dozen, and grade is determined by quality of the shell, yoke, white, and air-sac size.
  • Size makes no difference when you scramble or fry your eggs for breakfast, but recipes for baked goods and custards are based on using large eggs.
  • While eggs can be scrambled and poached in a microwave, they cannot be microwaved in their shells.  The rapid build-up of steam will cause the egg to explode.
  • One egg supplies 12.6% of the Daily Reference Value (DRV) of Protein, a little over half of the protein is in the white and the rest is in the yolk. The egg’s protein is the highest quality protein of any food.
  • One egg of any size equals one ounce of lean meat, poultry, fish or seafood.   Not only that, but egg yolks are an incredible source of choline, a vital nutrient for pregnant women. A Large egg yolk contains 125 mg of choline and provides 23% of a pregnant woman’s daily needs. 
  • There is no difference in taste between regular white-shell eggs and brown-shell eggs.  Shell color is determined by the color of the hen.
  • Most eggs are laid between 7am – 11 am.

Here’s to the incredible edible egg!


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2 thoughts on “Article 12: Eggsactly

  1. Haha, omg this is great. First I love your title, I’m so in love with puns. And second, that video. This is fun and enjoyable.

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