Article 8: MasterChef Junior


 Try to imagine a kinder, gentler MasterChef.  Same judges, just they act nicer, smile all the time, and never spit out the food.  Where the contestants are younger and shorter.  Are you intrigued yet?  Then MasterChef JUNIOR is right for you.  This new cooking-competition show features contestants ranging in age from eight to thirteen.

 There definitely are some differences, other than the demeanor of the judges and the age of contestants.  The auditions, which make up the first few episodes of MasterChef, are not shown.  In their first real cooking challenge, the kids were allowed time to call someone for help and advice.  Everything else is pretty much the same.  Including the big-paying prize for winning.  The winner of MasterChef Junior will win a very nice trophy and $100,000 in cash (in the adult version it is $250,000), and unlike the adult version there is no cookbook offer.

 The show works for a few reasons.  The kids are all cute and you want to see them succeed.  And they CAN cook.  Their ease with adult techniques and ingredients is truly amazing.  They interact well with the judges, including and especially Gordon Ramsey who is hardly recognizable.  Gone are the searing insults and critiques.  He is just a nice man here. Makes for a pretty nice family offering.



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3 thoughts on “Article 8: MasterChef Junior

  1. Oh my! What a coincidence!!! I went home the other weekend and my boyfriend and I turned on the tv and watched Master Chef Junior!!! Very entertaining! Then last night my sister and I were on the phone and I asked what her current show is on Netflix and she told me Master Chef Junior! So funny! I was so surprised while watching at how amazing these kids were at cooking! It blew my mind! They are so young and talented! The judges can still be harsh.. haha. OH MY that is a lot of money for children to win holy cow! Ah these are the kids I saw in the episode I watched! I like the little blonde girl who is 9, I think her name is Sarah- she is adorable! I was surprised while watching at how snarky the kids would be to each other! Great Post!

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