Meeting Reflection 2

Tuesday OCT.8, @2:00, East Walker 103. Partner with Raeanna.

General Feeback

  • Be more aware of the course assistants.
  • For clarifying the difference between MLA and APA formatting google the citation chart or just type it into owl purdue. Will need adobe to load it.
  • Completed work is not an A but a C
  • In cite citations in regards to APA is as followed: (last name, yr, p. #). If it is a website article with no different pages count the paragraphs and put the paragraph number instead of page number.
  • In reference list to cite is author last name and first initial not last name and then first and last initial.
  • It would be a good idea to force myself to sit down with owl purdue to fully grasp APA.
  • Liked the use of Ethos and connection I did with pervious readings in my peer review. Gave an extra 3 points bringing the peer review grade up to a 15 out of 15.
  • Appearance to widget-choose one for side menus or headers, etc
  • Look at future work, forget what is already been done except word projects.

Word Project Feedback (1)

  • Add image. (Orange hostess cupcake and play around with placement)
  • Add to the climax.

Word Project Feedback (2)

  • Create a title
  • Expository narrative is fine
  • Break up and format project
  • Add visual appeal
  • Write the pre and post paragraphs. My goals were to complete the assignment, get the best possible grade I can, and to not write a narrative
  • Anthony Bourdain citation needs to be fixed. PP=Period post parenthesis

I will use the feedback I received in regards to my citations. I have gotten closer to the correct citation format but looked at the wrong page and examples for my reference list. My writing genre is fine because it is an expository narrative. I am thinking of a title for my second word project, maybe something along the lies of Another fallen empire. But I am not sure if that really foreshadows what the project is about.  I am not sure what to do in regards to visual appeal, maybe a picture of Paula Deen, or some of her products. I have written my goals above but will include them in the project and explain them, how I plan to achieve then. In the post paragraph I will explain how I achieved them. I will add pictures to my first word project.

Overall I didn’t get a lot of feed back on my work. I don’t know where my notes stand, we didn’t talk about my goals like we did with Raeanna’s. I don’t know where I stand in the class right, I don’t know what grade my projects are right now. I did get the question on  my Halloween Candy article answered, include my thoughts, reactions, etc. I felt that the use of time was a bit of an issue in this meeting. I didn’t get a lot of feedback on my work, nothing that wasn’t really mentioned in class already or in the previous meeting that while got better wasn’t completely right (Narrative revision and citations). Next time I hope that both my partner and I will get an equal amount of focus. A lot of Raeanna’s mistakes in citations went along with my mistakes. I find it very helpful that both Raeanna and I are working with APA, so any feedback given to one goes for the other. I feel uncertain with my work in the class so far and I don’t know where it stands. My question on whether the expository narrative was an acceptable genre was answers, the answer being yes.



4 thoughts on “Meeting Reflection 2

  1. Marlen says:

    Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you. I agree that I did a poor job of balancing time during your meeting. I wonder what advice you could offer me had you been in my position. Thoughts?

    You are always free to make an appt during office hours, request a phone or skype chat, etc to learn the answers to your questions. As I promised, I have left some comments in your notes to help you better understand APA format and to award you bonus for use of color and to explain that the writing itself is satisfactory. All Notes have been liked except for the final set; please show me a revised set of references as well as edited in-text citations according to my feedback and owl purdue.

    As for your goals, you will reflect on these in your mid-term letter which will be assigned on Tuesday and due on Thursday.

    I have left you comments and a grade on your Narrative.

    As for project 2, we did indeed discuss your partner’s input, my thoughts and concerns and you told me what you were planning on working on for the next revision.

    I reviewed your articles and you need to re-visit Articles # 1-4 to make sure that your references are complete, the overall layout looks tidy and professional, and you consider adding a little more info than just the ingredients and instructions. Why did you choose that dish? What is it’s history? Why do you love it? etc.

    Your overall active participation for 7 days of class is 21/21 pts and you currently have 15 bonus points as far as I can see.

    Thanks, Meredith!

    • I just wrote what I thought about the meeting at the time I had written this reflection I didn’t have feedback on notes and other work. I knew you would leave comments like you said you would, but at the time I wrote this which was 1-2am Tuesday into Wednesday you hadn’t. What I am saying is that I wrote about the meeting and what transpired during the time.
      I did not deny receiving feedback on my word projects like I mentioned in the reflection. I had no doubt that you would get back to me. I know what has to be done on the second one for Tuesday.
      I will certainly revise my articles, and I thank you for that opportunity for revising them.
      As for time management during the meetings, I felt that the first meeting dealt really well with timing, I think that there was just a lot of work to go over this time around. I got my important questions answered, whether is was in the case of going over Raeanna’s work or just asking them outright. I think overall the meeting went well because my main concerns were with my idea for the Halloween candy article, my second word project having been written in expository narrative form, and the peer review (whether I should have mine under my peer reviews or if I was correct in posting Raeanna’s under my tab for peer review).
      I thank you for your patience in my delayed response. Have a nice weekend and I will see on Tuesday in class.

  2. Marlen says:

    it probably wouldn’t be a terrible thing to acknowledge the comment that I left you yesterday…

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