Article 5: Subway Eat Fresh?


“Eat fresh.” You hear those words, and you know you are listening to
yet another ad for Subway’s. I don’t suppose there are many people who
are unfamiliar with the chain. And certainly, their “Eat Fresh”
campaign appeals to those who are looking for a more healthful fast food
meal. But just how fresh is “fresh”?

Not very, it seems. Subway’s individual pizzas are frozen. Their
sauces are all pre-made, arriving is huge jars by the bulk. Their lettuce is
pre-shredded and packed in plastic bags. Their breads arrive frozen, to
be baked on premises. That kind of stretches the truth of ‘fresh-baked”
just a bit. Their bacon is pre-cooked, microwaveable actually. The meats are
processed. Eggs? Well, when Subway’s first introduced its breakfast
menu, the eggs WERE fresh, and they were cooked when you ordered. In a
little pan, set up on an electric burner. But that proved to be neither
cost-effective nor time-effective, so now they use frozen egg patties.

Don’t get me wrong. I eat Subway’s. I even like it, but should it REALLY be considered EATING FRESH?


4 thoughts on “Article 5: Subway Eat Fresh?

  1. I really enjoyed this article because most americans probably do think eating healthy is subway. Even though I do eat it from time to time, should I make a habit out of it? Although it is a better alternative on the road instead of mcdonalds or kfc, it is nowhere near to healthy food. I am a bit of a health freak and like to feel good about what I eat, so should subway still be in my food group?

    • It is better alternative than McDonalds, it isn’t as fresh as you would think from the commercials. As far as I can tell because I’m not a nutritionist or dietary specialist there is nothing wrong with eating Subways here and there but I wouldn’t make a big habit out of eating it. I wouldn’t eat it everyday. Just in moderation.

  2. Your blog is super interesting! I think where you said “Their
    sauces are all pre-made, arriving is huge jars by the bulk.” I think you meant IN huge jars by the bulk! That is the second paragraph second sentence! Where did you find out this information? Like how the lettuce is pre-shredded and comes in a plastic bag! This was very interesting! I love subway! I get turkey lettuce tomatoes and honey mustard and sometimes olives! Yummy!

    • I did mean in. I actually went inside and asked one of the workers. I went to high school with her actually. I took the picture myself too. That’s why there isn’t a reference list. I get one of two sandwiches; the meatball marina or turkey. American cheese, and ranch

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