Meeting Reflection 1

Received Feedback

  • In regards to incite citations- needs to be a space in between the quotation marks and the parenthesis. The citation if I continue in APA needs to have the year and page number separating by a coma.
  • I regards to notes- get rid of the headings “Summary”, and “My notes” and combine them.
  •  Also give more information. My motes need to be longer.
  • Don’t leaving dangling quotes.
  • Create Works cited page
  • Notes written in different color is great

Narrative Feedback

  • Emphasize the word Ever in the beginning sentence
  • Work on the following sentence- “Sometimes, I bought them by the box, at the
    supermarket and other times, the handy two-pack, picked up on impulse, in a
    variety of stores”. The flow is kind of off
  • Put a semicolon instead of period in between time and I- “I never bought them all the time, I didn’t need
    to always have them in my cupboards
  • Emphasize climax in more exaggeration and humor. Give more of the conflict
  • I am a clean writer
  • Loves the title
  • The style of writing is sarcastic, casual, conversation, punchy, and fun
  • Nothing wrong with beginning a sentence with the word And, but only in a narrative
  • The audience is junk food junkies
  • Try to find a way to immortalize the narrative


  • Masterchef luka won, maybe include a poll in article


I have already begun to use the criticism I received by starting my narrative revision. I have fix my grammatical errors and found a way to emphasize the word ever in the beginning sentence of my narrative. I am still thinking of the structure for the two pack sentence and how I can emphasize the climax and give more without losing the style of writing I have created. I will be creating a works cited under  my notes. I am also thinking about switching to AMA instead of APA.


The meeting in and of itself was good. I felt more comfortable there with another student because the environment was much looser than an individual meeting.  Especially someone I have talked to and worked with. Hearing my partner get feedback was a bit easing and I actually learned from my partners feedback in regards to incite citations. I like the idea of having a meeting to discuss the work I have done so far because I know when I walk into Marlen’s office I can be assured that he has read my writing projects and is ready to give me specific feedback as to general feedback that would have been given to the class.


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