3 best articles from 7-15

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Book Reviews

bird by bird

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott  

Lamott’s  first piece of advice to writing is to not think about the enormous bulk of the unfinished novel, memoir, etc., waiting for you but to focus on the anecdote, description, and dialogue that you want to write in. Basically taking it one step at time, Bird by Bird. She reminds us that writing is about love not fame and fortune. Lamott does a great job at providing an non torturous writing instruction book for college freshman to read by incorporating her real life experiences and her real life emotions like jealousy and envy. The fact that she doesn’t hide these emotions adds to her credibility as a writer and teacher. The structure and formatting of the book provides the breezy and easy to read and not get overwhelmed quality of the book. All in all I recommend if you’re having trouble writing grab a copy and go.


writing a

Writing with Power by Peter Elbow

Elbow’s Writing with Power is a very imformative writing instruction manuel. In this book there is an ample amount of tools and methods to writing. One method that is discussed is the Dangerous Method: Do it right the first time which is just want it says, trying to write right on the first try. The Dangerous Method is just 1 of 8 methods of writing that is discussed. However, even with all the imformation, tools, and hints, the structuring of this book seems to overwhelm the reader. This book does one of two things, either turns the reader away from writing, or turns them into an excellent writer.


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Meeting Number 4

In the meeting I was hoping to:
  • I was going to ask about the three best articles and I was wondering what characteristics we should follow when picking them out.
  • Another thing was the reading reflections for Bird by Bird and Writing with Power, just a quick summary right?
  • I do not plan to do the extra 5 articles or the autoethnography

Skill Transfer

Three skills I have learned and feel are the most important that I will use in future classes, That takes some though so bear with me:



1) APA- American Psychology Association. Unlike a traditional English class we had to use the formatting we would need for future writings for our majors. It was actually beneficial because English classes use MLA (Modern Language Association) formatting, which is no help to me as I am striving to be a nurse. Any research papers I do in graduate school will follow APA format. I am already benefiting from this because I am taking Criminology now and have a research paper to do. So Instead of wasting all this extra time figuring out the proper way to do in-text citations and whether to call it a reference list, works citied, or just references and how to actually cite my sources, I will already know exactly what to do.




2) Speaking up- I usually never speak in class for so many reasons. I get really nervous, shaky, and my heart rate usually increase. The center of attention, I am not. In this class participation is part of our grade and yeah I have had other classes where participation has been part of our final grade but it was different in this class. It was more of an open environment, say what you want, call your professor by the first name (which still feels weird to do). Even if appearances are deceiving, it was like a judgment free zone, no one was going to say blatantly that I was wrong, or that my analysis was stupid. I just don’t like being wrong and making a fool of myself in front of 20 something people.


Post It

Post It

3) Time Management- I am a huge procrastinator and I even listed as one of my goals at the beginning of the semester was to better manager my time. I started out relatively strong but like the Rollercoaster Sheikra, it’s been bumpy ride. But now that I have a job (Premiere Cinema), I now have a reacting catalyst to speed up my time management problem solving. There are only 24 hours in the day and quite frankly I think the idea of having longer days is ghastly. So that means it is time to whip myself into shape literally and figuratively.



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Lazy vs. Shitty first drafts

But when the cool black ink glides across the crisp white paper, she feels the words make their sounds. They spring from the darkness of her mind and settle into the breath between her favorite lines. ~ Unknown

Mary Gaitskill

Mary Gaitskill

Lazy first drafts: As the author Jody Hedlund once said many writers just rehash the same old story lines they have used before instead of digging deep to find the new and unpolished treasures that are sitting there waiting to be found. A lazy first daft has no thought behind it. It’s like writing bad on purpose. Dumbing down one’s vocabulary by using the same old tired adjectives and verbs. Or butchering sentence structure and grammar on purpose. It’s basically just hitting print and turning it in without any over look what so ever and saying Eh I have time. A lazy first draft is useless to the writing process.

Shitty first drafts: Anne Lamott once said that no great writing is down on the first try. The shitty first daft is a important part of the writing process because it allows the writer to get their thoughts down. The writer can them hear, see, and visual their ideas. There is always one idea in a shitty first draft that shines brighter than the rest; and idea that can be taken to the depths of the ocean with the patience and perseverance of the writer. The shitty first draft is the trunk of the tree, without there would be no branches, leaves, or apples.


Stack of Paper by Typewriter










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Article 15: Food Myths

There are a lot of little facts we all know about various foods.  The things is, a lot of those “facts” aren’t really facts at all; they are myths.  Read on to learn what is and isn’t true about the foods we eat.

Carrot Growing

Carrot Growing

Carrots:  Carrots are more nutritious raw than cooked.

Myth:  Cooking breaks down the tough cellular wall of the carrot, releasing the beta-carotene they encase, thus making them more nutritious.





Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken

Chicken:  To reduce fat and calories, you should remove the skin before cooking.

Myth:  No matter how you cook chicken, removing the skin beforehand will get you dry chicken.  For a moist and tastier finished product, cook chicken with the skin on, and remove the skin before serving.




Egg with Yolk

Egg with Yolk

Eggs:  Eggs should be avoided because they are high in cholesterol.

Myth:  Studies proved that eggs do not contribute to high cholesterol.  Moreover, they are a cheap but excellent source of many essential vitamins and nutrients.





Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice:  Drinking cranberry juice will cure a urinary tract infection.

Myth:  If you already have a UTI, cranberry juice is not going to work; antibiotics are the only cure.  However, drinking cranberry juice regularly can stop infections from happening in the first place.






Need Milk? Probably not…

Milk:  You shouldn’t drink milk when you have a cold.

Myth:  According to medical experts, milk does not increase mucus production, so there is absolutely no reason to stop drinking it when you have a cold or the flu.




Set amount of calories in fruit

Set amount of calories in fruit

Calories:  Calories consumed at night are more fattening than those consumed in the daytime (or vise versa).

Myth: A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.  Doesn’t matter when you consume them.






Basket of Eggs

Basket of Eggs

Eggs:  Brown eggs are more healthful than white.

Myth:  Shell color is determined to the color of the chicken.  Brown shells or white, all eggs taste the same, have the same amount of calories and nutrients.






Potatoes:  Potatoes are carbs and should be avoided.

Myth:  Potatoes are a starchy food, but they contain an enormous amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.





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Article 14: Commerical Interests

There was a time when commercials were entertaining. Catchy jingles and Memorable characters. Following are some of my favorite all-time classic food commercials.

Rice Krispies 1958 Commercial:

Dr. Pepper: 1978 Commercial:

Jello-O1957 Commercial:

Maypo 1960’s Commercial:

Hawaiian Punch 1970’s Commercial:

Pink Panther Cereal 1970’s commercial:


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